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Feet fetish so you have a fetish for sexy feet,  you want to get on your hands and knees and rub a women’s soles, to suck on her toes, and to have  your cock between them.

Perhaps you want to rub some oil and lotion all over a sexy women’s foot, perhaps you enjoy long pointed polished toes and want to just lick them all over, in between the toe and round the soles of the foot.Get ready for the very best foot fetish cams live

foot fetish cams

Feet fetish and foot fetish is  very popular and a very popular request for us Mistresses online. So many foot fetishists just love to explain what they would do to my soles and ankles and to be honest i love it.

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I love having them pampered, tickled , licked and touched in general. I realised only a few years back when i was doing real time Mistress sessions just how much i loved it when slaves went and got a towel a foot buffer and lotions and  made me a cup of tea as i lay back on the chair relaxing i could have sat there all day.Worship my sexy feet in a foot fetish cams session

I loved it that much and from that moment on wards i realized perhaps i enjoyed this, don’t get me wrong i don’t like to look at other peoples i just love having mine pampered.

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it is so relaxing to women, women love to relax and the thought of having gentle touches and caresses to our tootsies, really drives us wild. I love having my toes sucked and i have often enjoyed giving a foot job or describing to online feet fetishists what i would love to do if they were her with me right now.

From small gentle strokes to full on massaging, to tickling to rubbing their cocks against my foot i love it all and so does most Mistresses you will find online.

Let’s be honest all women love to feel pampered, spoiled and relaxed and what better way after a hard long day than to have a glass of wine  up as  you start to massage them and relax them, trust me their so no women in the world would turn this down.

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If you want to chat about this and to see me tease you with my amazing both bare feet and stocking then pop into my live webcam shows and if i am not online their is hundreds of other Mistresses who would gladly show you their amazing feet .

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Get ready to be blown away  by these Mistresses who want to hear what you will do to them, Be as descriptive as possible we love this and we love long erotic descriptions.We also have some amazing cuckold cams who know they must suck our feet as we have sex with the alpha males

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I bet right now that cock is rock hard are you ready to look at some women’s tootsies? are you ready to describe what you will do with them? then enter you can see more on these different types of fetish cams here as well as our favorite fetish cams chat rooms. Al l of these sites have strict domination webcams