Blackmail Mistress

Blackmail Mistress Webcams

Blackmail Mistress this is a very popular request asked of Mistresses every day  and can be a lot of fun for Mistresses who  all seem to enjoy this particular scenario. I have always enjoyed blackmail contracts and  owner ships with subs online. Being a  mistress has a lot of perks  as it makes her puppet ( you) jump through hoops to please so as his particular little secret does not get out.

blackmail mistress cams


So what is Blackmail Fantasy Cams?

Some Mistresses will use team viewer for this scenarios and others prefer to just write down your details and hold them against you as well having pictures of you and threatening to post them online along with all your information you submitted.

Is this a  financial fetish as well?  or is it purely black mail  with tasks?

So many subs ask me on a daily basis about black mail fetish and they all want to try it but what i have found is not many really understand the whole concept of it and what they are letting themselves in for with this whole scenario.

I have went from one extreme to the other with this from those who just want the fantasy scenario to those more hardcore where i have held there face book log ins and twitter log ins and threatened to post should they not do some particular task i have requested of them.

blackmail mistress

Think very seriously about what way you want to go with this as she will ask you a lot of questions so be clear in your head how you want  it to go.

I prefer to take your personal information and make you divuldge secrets to me as well as taking pictures of you and making you meet deadlines for me and if you fail i post your pictures on this blog or any other site of mine as i have many.

I love to blog about sissies and failures and post pictures of them all over the place. I also enjoy  contracts so if this is something you have been thinking of then make sure you  let us know.

blackmail mistress

This is not for the faint heartened as Mistresses take it very serious unless you have already stated it is just  fantasy role play and not for real.

I think a lot of online subs seem to get both of these mixed up. They end up getting more than they bargained for.

If you think you can handle this scenario with me or any other Domme online then make sure to come and chat with us.

We love having you live by the edge. we love threatening you, we love logging into your face book or spying on you, Forcing you to do things that you really don’t want to but have no option, no back out no way out.

Perhaps we should take over your computer using team viewer and see what you have been up to and if we find anything that should not be there we should post about you online!

Maybe your girlfriend/wife/ work mates need to know the truth about you?

Do you wear ladies panties and i should tell everyone? Did you cheat on your partner? Should i tell her?

There is so many ways to go with this and i have to admit i love it as i love to see the slave sweating, and worrying about what i could do. Will i ruin his life and his existence?

One click of the mouse sends that email of to someone about you. Then click here and have a humiliation  cam session with very serious Mistress in the Findom Cams section

dominatrixes waiting for you now. Ready for your contract? Ready to be used and abused ? Ready to submit your information, divulge your  inner and most private secrets, and live on the edge of fear then make sure you enter now.

You have thought about it long enough. I know your reading this and your cock is getting hard at the excitement of us controlling your life, collaring you, owning you and having fun watching you sweat.

Perhaps Mistress will keep you locked up in a chastity device and not let you free as part of your  scenario.  If you Are ready to be locked away for  months and not be able to play with your little dick then head on in and interact with experienced femdoms on webcam waiting to train and take you to the next level .